Frequency Asked Questions

Why Consult at ARS?

At ARS you’ll be energized and challenged. Every day you’ll make an impact on a variety of interesting projects,and learn new areas. You’ll feel the excitement as you work with the best and brightest people.

How is ARS different from other consulting firms?

ARS's work is built on a foundation of custom insight and open collaboration with clients. We know from experience that only true team work with clients will lead to lasting results. You will be challenged to find advantage for your clients and to work side-by-side with them to make it a reality.

Does ARS staff consultants on one or two projects at a time?

Our staffing philosophy is to staff in a way that best serves our clients' needs. Our work mix tends to be up to three projects at a time, or 100 percent staffing. This has fit best with many of our recent assignments in industry restructuring, launching new online ventures, and the like. As our work mix changes, we will adapt staffing accordingly.